I grew up in San Francisco, California, where minor earthquakes frequently interrupted classes and first sparked my interest in Earth science. In 8th grade I shadowed a Principal Investigator at the United States Geological Survey and attended a mind-blowing seminar on a statistical method for earthquake prediction. Since that day, I have been interested in how the Earth system works. After completing my undergraduate studies in mathematics, physics, and earth systems science at Haverford College, I worked on modelling ocean circulation as a research assistant at Princeton University. I am now pursuing my interest in physical oceanography as a graduate student with Raffaele Ferrari in the MIT/WHOI joint program in Oceanography. I hope to spend the next decade doing fundamental research in physical oceanography and more generally climate dynamics. Eventually, I hope to be a Professor of Physical Oceanography at a major U.S. research university.

Henri sending a stomp-rocket off to space.
Launching stomp-rockets with my best friend and little brother.

Outdoor Interests

I enjoy running, hiking, and skateboarding in my free time. I ran on the varsity Cross Country and Track and Field teams for two years at Haverford College and although I am no longer on a team, I still run in long distance races every few months. I recently lead a 150 mile section of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and hope to lead similar trips in the future (contact me if interested). I am currently training for the Cape Cod Marathon (October 2017). I also recently reinvigorated my childhood interest in skateboarding and am working towards landing my first kickflip.

Hiking near Donner Lake, California.
Hiking at Donner Pass, California.

Artistic Interests

I am an avid fan of poet Gary Snyder, print-maker Tom Killion, and film director Hayao Miyazaki. I hope to one day have an understanding of oceans, winds, and mountains that rivals that of these three artists. I have not yet been on the ocean myself but I hope to eventually participate in research expeditions to the Arctic or Antarctic oceans, the regions where the ocean abyss communicates most directly with the atmosphere.

Climbing a boulder near Donner Lake, California
Carmel Bay, just south of my hometown of San Francisco, California. [Source: Tom Killion]